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3rd Eye Photojournalism center is publishing 'Seduction of Nature' a 255 pages Photobook. All the photos in this collection have been taken by Afghan photographers, reflecting an Afghan point of view on issues that matter to Afghans. This unique collection, that contains 164 photos from twenty one provinces, showcases Afghan’s way of life in harmony with the breathtakingly beautiful nature of Afghanistan.

In addition to providing a positive image of Afghanistan, this Photobook introduces a new generation of Afghan photographers who are a product of post-Taliban era. Publishing this book is not only a huge boost to the confidence of these young photographers, but also a gratitude to the world community for their decade long tireless effort of rebuilding Afghanistan.

3rd Eye Photojournalism center is publishing this amazing Photobook. If you are a lover of Afghanistan’s culture, art and photography, and want to have this book, you can get in touch with us and order your copy. You will be the first one to get the book as soon as it is out of printing.

This book will cost 60USD.